Meet Tony - Pick of the litter for November

Tony, affectionately known around the labs as 'Tubular Tony', is Tubular Lab's personal concierge and everyone's favorite snuggle buddy. He just may be the most well mannered, respectable, and congenial dog you've ever met. Upon entering the labs, you will instantly be greeted by this little energetic bundle of joy with a hello bark and a high five. Tony will make you feel right at home (especially if it's your first day), he'll even share his favorite toy with you and show you how he can almost jump-up on the couch, a daily goal for him.

Check out his Tubular reel debut and feel free to whistle along. Coming soon, his own channel "Tony's Got Talent" he just has to pass his audience statistics potential by the guys in marketing.

Did we mention he also speaks Korean? Actually, that's just a theory. He understands it though! If you tell him to 'sit' he'll sit. If you tell him to 'Anj-a' he'll Anj-a (or sit). This bilingual pup is just one of the many enviable additives of Tubular's contagious company culture.

Tony’s Stats:

  • Breed: Maltese
  • Age: 11 years
  • Weight: 7 lbs
  • Enjoys: Chewing his favorite squirrel toy, playing fetch, greeting Tubular guests
  • Tricks: High five, bark on command
  • Best feature: Button black nose and eyes, fluffy snow white hair
  • Famous for: Turning non-dog lovers into dog lovers!
  • Cool stat: Tony knows all of his commands in English and Korean
  • Favorite memory: Hiking in Santa Cruz and frolicking on the beach

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A lot of dogs will be begging for this spot. Let us know if he/she wants in.