Meet Scooby Doo - Pick of the litter for December

Scooby Dooby Doo, where are you? Well, he's probably sitting on his favorite spot on the carpet in the Canaan Partners Israel reception area enthusiastically waiting to greet you with a dance and wiggle.

Scooby is the 5 month old addition to the family of our very own Gil Canaani and newest little mascot of the CPI office. A partner in the making, Scooby already enjoys listening in on meetings and hearing entrepreneurial pitches. He is currently being trained to bark when the valuation is too high.

Scooby likes to work out and stay in shape. Every morning at 6am he meets his puppy pals at the park for some exercise and fun spontaneous sparing. He also enjoys running on the beach and has already competed in his first 5K. Scooby is driven and knows exactly what he wants and will do what it takes to get it, like giving you his cute puppy dog sad face to melt your heart and give him Scooby Snacks.

Scooby Doo's Stats:

  • Breed: Beagle
  • Age: 5 Months
  • Weight: 10 Kilograms
  • Enjoys: Running on the beach and playing with his dog pack in the park every morning at 6am.
  • Tricks: He puts on his cute sad face that gets everyone’s attention and lots of treats.
  • Best feature: Scooby has a well defined personality; he's famous in the park for his extremely friendly and fun temper but his cute looks can be deceiving, he knows exactly what he wants and will do what it takes to get it.
  • Famous for: His fearlessness. He protects his territory and place in the pack, and will fight/play with any dog big or small.
  • Cool stat: completed his 1st 5k run before turning 5 months old
  • Favorite memory: The first time we met him, only 7 weeks old, he jumped on to our lap, and we knew he was the one. Now that I think about it, he actually adopted us!

Another special moment is the 1st time we took him to the beach. His enthusiasm went from feeling the sand and running in circles to pure joy! He is surely a beach town dog.

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