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Across healthcare and technology, we partner with companies that improve lives.

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Canaan is an early-stage venture capital firm that invests in visionaries with transformative ideas. While we love speedy success, we’re acutely aware that greatness comes in many forms and at different times. That’s why we’re not afraid to break the mold to bring something spectacular to life.


A fine

>Berkshire Grey

The passion you want at your side, plus the experience you want at the table.

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A dynamic

>IDEAYA Biosciences

Across healthcare and technology, we partner with companies that improve lives.

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A hand
in every stage


From the first handshake to the final round, we do what it takes to bring your vision to life.

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VentureBeat: Forte and Ripple form $100M fund for mainstream blockchain games

Blockchain gaming startup Forte has announced a big deal with Ripple’s Xpring cryptocurrency platform to invest $100 million in game developers who make games based on blockchain technology.

Bloomberg: A new Honda for almost nothing? Car sharing becomes a sales tool

Turo, the Airbnb-like service for autos, is helping consumers afford ever-pricier new cars.

Vogue: Meet Tia, the new women’s clinic making gynecologist visits less stressful

The Tia Clinic, located in New York’s Flatiron neighborhood, is supporting wellness with timely holistic health care that intends to take the stress away from doctors’ appointments.

Endpoints News: Canaan leaps into UK biotech, co-leading $14M Series A for upstart Grey Wolf

Grey Wolf Therapeutics is working on a fresh approach to immuno-oncology that does not directly target the immune system, but instead alters tumor cells by illuminating and priming them for immune system annihilation.

The New York Times: Tycoon of the pre-owned

Can Silicon Valley survivor Julie Wainwright’s luxury consignment company, The RealReal, save retail?

Bloomberg: Facebook acquires GrokStyle, visual shopping startup, to bolster AI work

Facebook could use the underlying AI technology and GrokStyle’s employees to bolster its own efforts in the field.

Michael Gilroy: Announcing the Beam Team and their Series A

Money laundering – and regulator fines – are expensive pain points for the financial industry. Legacy monitoring systems just haven't cut it, missing 60% of bad activity. Enter the Beam Team, offering API-based and cost-effective monitoring systems that detect and flag suspicious activity fast.

Laura Chau: A new way to party – with Coterie

Dozens of industries have been re-thought with the experience-driven, millennial customer in mind. The next business that's ripe for transformation? Party supplies and decor. Enter Coterie, a brand thats's reimagining the party goods experience.

Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka: The shift to an 80/20 robot-first world

Today’s biggest industries largely follow the 80/20 rule of 80% manual and 20% automated. However, in tomorrow’s world that 80/20 will flip, and robots will be front and center.

Laura Chau: A prescription for how the healthcare industry can spark joy

Much of healthcare is sorely lacking on the “joy” front. Here are three takeaways that healthcare innovators can channel to “spark joy” and capture consumers’ loyalty.

SF Business Times: Antiva CEO draws on personal experience to fuel drug development

Gail Maderis, President & CEO of Antiva, knows how to shape and lead people to get results.

Michael Gilroy promoted to Partner

We are excited to share that Michael Gilroy has been promoted to Partner.

Joydeep Bhattacharyya: Our investment in Dragos

I am delighted to announce our Series B investment in Dragos, a pioneer in the fast emerging Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security market.

Businessweek: These robots help Amazon’s competitors narrow the delivery gap

Berkshire Grey’s machines can pick, pack and ship most items of 5 pounds or less.

Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka: The safest car you will never drive

Autonomous vehicles (AVs) are coming. The question is no longer if, but rather where we are along the adoption curve across various use cases and geographies.

Forbes: Three Canaan investors named to Forbes' 30 under 30

We are so proud of these three rising stars -- Adina Tecklu, Hootie Rashidifard and Laura Chau -- for being named to Forbes’ 30 under 30!

Forbes: Ex-Apple engineers raise $45MM For ‘generational leap’ vision tech for robot cars

Autonomous technology has many hurdles to clear before it's ubiquitous, including better and cheaper vision. Aeva claims to have a next-generation sensor system to do just that.

Nasdaq: Cancer biotech Arvinas prices upsized IPO at $16

Arvinas, a preclinical biotech developing protein degradation therapies for advanced cancers, raised $120 million by offering 7.5 million shares at $16, the high end of the $14 to $16 range.

NYT: Get in bed with Skynet and Bumblebee Spaces

Robot furniture is happening with Bumblebee Spaces. This is the single greatest thing to happen to humanity ever, the robots told us to say.

Maha Ibrahim & Dan Ciporin: Next generation investors for next generation entrepreneurs

A new generation of entrepreneur is building consumer products and services - ideas that seem crazy today, and will feel intuitive in a few years. So, we’re building out a new generation of investors to attack these opportunities and deepen our consumer practice.

STAT News: Antiva tried to drum up interest for a much-needed drug. Many men didn’t get it

Antiva is working on a first-in-class treatment that, if successful, could make surgery for precancerous cervical lesions caused by the human papillomavirus unnecessary. But when it comes to making that case to investors and doctors — particularly the men who dominate those professions — it has often been an uphill battle.

Bloomberg: World View wants to send you to the stratosphere in a balloon

World View has figured out how to keep a capsule stable 100,000 feet above the Earth. Interested in a ride?

Announcing ScaleFactor: Automated financial operations platform built for Main Street

We're investing in ScaleFactor, a company focused on empowering small businesses to easily make the best strategic and financial decisions so they can keep their focus on their customers.

Adina Tecklu & Hootie Rashidifard: Canaan Beta for alpha

We’re excited to be launching Canaan Beta, Canaan’s new $20 million seed program that aims to invest in the next wave of consumer technologies across social, eCommerce, gaming and even sectors that haven’t yet been imagined.

Nina Kjellson: "Jumping together" to move the field of personalized cancer therapy

We at Canaan are “all in” on the notion that diversity of knowledge and experience breeds the best results. With this as our core value, PACT Pharma immediately captured our imagination and investment.

Dan Ciporin: Ownership -- a big idea to transform the current brand-loyalty model

How far have loyalty programs come in actually cultivating true loyalty from consumers, as opposed to just transactions? Introducing our newest investment in Bumped, which offers the most valuable loyalty tool of all – ownership.

Rich Boyle: Enjoying an AI summer

It's been decades in the making, but the current AI summer is going to be a long one. Read more from AI industry veteran and investor, Rich Boyle on the history to get here and what’s next.

Tim Shannon: More hope for cystic fibrosis treatment, and still more to do

The progress made in the treatment of CF is shows what can happen when research, policy, advocacy and investment align toward a common goal. But more has to be done.

The next generation of computation

Professor Robert Schoelkopf of QCI inside a lab at Yale University. Photo Credit: Roger Kisby for The New York Times

The New Yorker: The RealReal’s radical vision of secondhand luxury

An inside look at how The RealReal is redefining consignment for its 8 million members (and counting).

Spotlight on Wende Hutton’s 25 years in venture capital

General Partner Wende Hutton is an industry pioneer. Partner Julie Grant chatted with Wende about today’s scientific renaissance, the importance of a team approach and the difference between active and activist investor.

Video: Introducing The Makers, featuring Dan Ciporin & Amir Ashkenazi

The Makers is a new Canaan content series featuring entrepreneur and investor insights into company-building.

Nina Kjellson: A critical marriage for science and health tech

The prehistoric nature of health IT isn’t just a nuisance. It will literally determine whether patients and physicians can realize the potential of cell and gene therapies.

What home is

Meet our newest investment Homeis. A new kind of social network that connects foreign born locals with one another, and their roots.

What's Rarer than a Unicorn in Silicon Valley? A Female VC.

Canaan Associate Laura Chau reflects on the 3 major takeaways she's learned from women in venture capital

IDEAYA & the Next Frontier in Synthetic Lethality

WSJ: Ideaya Biosciences Collects $94 Million for Cancer Therapy

The Roadmap for Board Diversity

Diversity is not window dressing. It is a positive predictor of performance and governance.

Built to Last

Excited to share news about our new $800 million fund. We know what works and we're sticking to it with our diversified, early stage approach.

World View

New York Times: A chicken sandwich hitches a balloon ride to the stratosphere.

Spotlight: Q&A with Rich Boyle

Get to know our newest GP and longtime startup operator Rich Boyle. Word to the wise: don't throw the term AI around with him unless you mean it.


Heavy drinking is the largest ignored epidemic in the U.S. There is a superior alternative to rehab.

Body Politic Series: Women's access to healthcare

The first installment of this series couldn't have been more timely.

Protagonist Therapeutics

A simple promise: replacing injections with pills.


TechCrunch: ClimaCell bets on IoT for better weather forecasts

#CanaanFounders: On what's keeping them up at night

#CanaanFounders: How far would you go to get your dream hire?

Nature Reviews: First targeted protein degrader, developed by Arvinas, hits the clinic

TechCrunch: Tia launches a clinic that places the menstrual cycle at the center of care

FierceBiotech: Glooko makes its management app free to any person with diabetes

#CanaanFounders: On raising funding for the first time...and the worst "pass" excuse they've gotten from a VC

#CanaanFounders: Lessons learned from navigating the VC process

Introducing #CanaanFounders: A rapid-fire Q&A with company builders, in 280 characters or less

BioCentury: Wende Hutton on mapping microbiome manufacturing

VentureBeat: Former Facebook and Paypal executives announce financial compliance startup Beam, secure $9M

TechCrunch: Coterie, a young New York startup, promises to deliver charming party kits to your doorstep (though shhh, we won’t tell your guests)

CNN: This startup makes your parties Insta-worthy

Brendan Dickinson: Fixing directors and officers insurance

WSJ: The Inside founder's guide to scoring décor deals online

VentureBeat: Joor raises $16M to expand its online fashion marketplace for wholesalers

American Banker: Why venture capitalists love fintechs

Fast Company: Your Wes Anderson fantasy room is just a few clicks away with The Inside

TechCrunch: PerimeterX secures $43M to protect web apps from bot attacks

Bloomberg Video: Cuyana buyers love "fewer but better" products, CEO says

Release: Agile Stacks completes Series A funding round

The Business of Fashion: With $30M round, Cuyana eyes US expansion

Forbes: Dragos named a top IoT startup to watch in 2019

Entrepreneur: 'Fast' furniture? This founder spent years forming her business idea -- and launched when the timing Was right

TechCrunch: ContentSquare, digital experience insights platform, raises $60M Series C

Bloomberg: Maha Ibrahim & All Raise founders on Bloomberg Studio 1.0

TechCrunch: Kustomer nabs $35M to take on Salesforce with its Slack-like approach to CRM

CNN: Instacart CEO reaffirms IPO is 'definitely' on the horizon

Fortune: ScaleFactor raises $30M to expand robot bookkeeper service, eyes loan market

CBS This Morning: Dragos CEO Rob Lee on the danger of leaning too much on AI for cybersecurity

SF Chronicle: Politics wasn't on his mind. Now Turo's CEO is fighting for other immigrants

Business Insider: Wende Hutton and top VCs give their best 2019 predictions for healthcare

Fierce Biotech: Brent Aherns & 2019’s medtech industry to weigh hype and realism in equal parts

CNBC: Maha Ibrahim on how diversity among startup funders & founders drives higher returns

Forbes: Bellhops raises $31.4M to make moving less miserable

Inc: Bumblebee Spaces named a world-changing startup to watch

Fortune: Maha Ibrahim on why startups keep raising mega-rounds of $100M (or more)

Bloomberg Video: This woman is betting on balloons in space

Rich Boyle: Berkshire Grey - a rarity in robotics

Fast Company: For Cuyana, the leather tote bag wars are personal

TechCrunch: Turo’s new dongle will let customers instantly find and unlock cars

Slate: Cuyana & closing the gap between luxury goods and affordable fashion

Laura Chau: The beauty industry is ready for a makeover

Reuters: Ex-Bosch engineers aim to strengthen self-driving car software

TechCrunch: Apex.AI raises $15.5 million for autonomous vehicle software

Fortune: Exclusive - Dragos raises $37M to secure industrial systems

Michael Gilroy: A fireside chat with Jackie Reses of Square Capital

SF Business Times: Peer-to-peer car sharing companies like Turo rapidly hiring as market hits gas

VentureBeat: Drivetime raises $4M for voice-based trivia game for drivers

Bloomberg Video: Bumped takes stock in new phase of customer rewards

CNBC: Bumblebee Spaces is making robotic systems for your home so you can store stuff on the ceiling

Forbes: At $7.6B valuation, Instacart says IPO 'on the horizon'

Business Insider: World View is working on a technology to make space satellites obsolete. Here's a rare look inside their giant factory.

CNBC: PerimeterX named a promising startup on annual Upstart 100 List

Startup Grind: VC corner Q&A with Maha Ibrahim

Forbes: How technology and automation humanize the property management experience

Inc: Julie Wainwright of The RealReal named top female founder

VentureBeat: Skale Labs raises $9.65M for better blockchain infrastructure

Axios: ClimaCell raises $45 million for short-term weather forecasting data

Benzinga: Venture capitalist Dan Ciporin talks fintech

Byron Ling: What’s next -- joining Canaan

Laura Chau: West to east

Fortune: The summer of venture capital promotions isn’t over yet

Business Insider: Julie Grant named 40-and-under Silicon Valley biotech investing star

WIRED: ContentSquare named one of the hottest startups in Europe

BioCentury: Sweet switch - Glooko & Novo Nordisk A/S partner on diabetes monitoring app

Forbes: Luxury brands can't ignore fashion reseller The RealReal anymore

WSJ: Cargomatic gets new funding as rebuilding effort gains traction

TechCrunch: Even Financial lands $18.8M in venture funding

Nina Kjellson: In case of emergency -- expert tips for weathering a crisis

Blockhous Investor Spotlight: Hootan Rashidifard talks crypto & the growth of blockchain tech

TechCrunch: Taking the pain out of accounting and payroll for small businesses, ScaleFactor raises $10 million

Fintech Central: Peering into the crystal ball on the future of crypto exchanges

CBS News: Bellhops mover walks 12+ miles to first day of work, CEO gifts him a car as thanks

Fast Company: SoFi teams up with Ladder to offer revamped life insurance

Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka: The era of AI-first companies

BioCentury: Why GV and Canaan backed PACT Pharma's hyperpersonalized cancer approach

TechCrunch: Instead of points, Bumped gives equity in the companies you shop at

Forbes: This VC firm just gave two twenty-something investors $20 million to find the next Snapchat

Endpoints News: Brent Aherns weights in on FDA's new reimbursement idea for antibiotics

Takeaways on European Fintech & Money2020

Scientific American: New thalidomide-like therapy hijacks cells’ trash-disposal system

Fortune: Ticketfly Cofounder and Monero Ringmaster Start New Blockchain Project, Tari

Video: Brendan Dickinson on how to raise money in fintech at the 2018 Empire Startups conference

Fierce Biotech: Mackay’s Rallybio rare disease startup raises $37M in first funding round

Business Insider: Adina Tecklu named under 30 rising star in Silicon Valley tech scene

Endpoints Under 40 Feature: Julie Grant’s views on the future of biopharma

Nina Kjellson: Practical tips from two male biotech CEOs who are leaning in

Anil Singhal: My four takeaways from the AACR annual meeting

Fintech Central: Three big takeaways on how data is changing investing as we know it

FierceBiotech: GV, Roche help Ideaya to $94M crossover round, setting stage for synthetic lethality, I-O trials

STAT News: Julie Grant on how biotech’s latest bubble might go pop

Fox Business: Dan Ciporin on Mornings with Maria discussing cryptocurrency

The Consumerization of Enterprise & the Dropbox IPO

Business Insider: Wende Hutton who’s worked in venture capital for 25 years shares her best career advice — and why it was worth being the first and only woman on her team when she started out

Fortune Term Sheet: Rich Boyle – 5 Qs with a dealmaker

TechCrunch: Uncommon.co launches and raises $18m to bring objectivity and efficiency to hiring

Bloomberg Tech: Canaan Partners see race for firms to hire more women

VentureBeat: ContentSquare lands $42 million so AI can track how you click, touch, and interact with brands

Endpoints News: When VCs hand out mega-rounds to Vir and Gossamer, are they betting on the jockey or the horse?

TechCrunch: Apartment List raises $50 million for home rentals

CNBC: After a miserable 2017, VCs offer predictions on digital health IPOs for 2018

C&EN: Investment flows at J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

Endpoints News: The Endpoints 11: A group of disruptive upstarts on a do-or-die mission to launch new meds

FierceBiotech: Arvinas in $830M-plus Pfizer biobucks deal

Business Insider: AOL’s former head of video has raised money to build a Facebook-plus-Yelp-plus-Tinder for immigrants

FiercePharma: 2017’s fiercest women in life sciences

Rock Health: Meet the 2018 top 50 in digital health honorees

Boston Globe: Startup promises a weather report just for your block

Endpoints News: Six top biotech VCs take a look at the latest trends, and offer their thoughts on 2018

BioCentury Innovations: How Vivace turns the YAP pathway off or on to treat cancer

Endpoints News: Genentech inks $650M deal with protein degradation pioneer Arvinas

NY Times: Yale professors race Google and IBM to the first quantum computer

Fortune: Top women investors are answering the VC boys’ club with one of their own

VentureForward Blog: Canaan Forward – Diversity as an Asset

CNBC: 11 women who prove that health tech investing isn’t a boys’ club

Business Insider: Meet the 30 biotech leaders under 40 who are shaping the future of medicine

Recode Decode: Why one venture capitalist is ‘cringing’ at recent tech IPOs

WIRED: ExecThread opens a secret job board to the masses

The Marketing Power of UX Optimization

Entrepreneur: Why this ruthlessly prioritizing entrepreneur says you should write down one goal each day

Bloomberg: America’s drinking problem is much worse this century

Fierce Biotech: Canaan unveils $800 million fund for fresh wave of biotech bets

Women of Venture in Healthcare: 30x return on investment . . . in each other

TechCrunch: Canaan Partners just closed on its biggest fund (by a lot)

WSJ: Canaan’s $800 million fund is the latest jumbo-size capital pool

Michael Gilroy: Running a successful SaaS fundraising process

Bloomberg: Canaan’s Ibrahim on VC funding environment, harassment

Fast Company: 4 life insurance startups asking millenials to face their mortality

Fierce Biotech: Vivace uncloaks with $40M, U.S./China backing for cancer trials

TechCrunch: Diabetes management platform Glooko raises $35 million

CNBC: Startup execs urge Trump not to kill the special ‘startup visa’ for entrepreneurs

TechCrunch: In wake of Amazon/Whole Foods deal, Instacart has a challenging opportunity

LA Times: Silicon Valley’s acquisition targets aren’t in tech anymore

Variety: Tubular Labs launches branded content video tracker

Michael Beckerman: On the startup road: Canaan Partners

CNBC: A big problem with genetic testing is figuring out what the results mean. Startup Genome Medical aims to help

WSJ: Civic-based tech sees a surge

TechCrunch: What venture capitalists think of Trump

Brendan Dickinson in American Banker: As VCs pivot from lenders, case for deposit-side fintech is less clear

CNBC: Tech VCs are barging into life sciences, and writing big checks

Fintech Central: Blockchain will never work in financial services & bitcoin is here to stay

Quartz: Jeff Bezos says he’s putting billions into space. He’s not alone.

TechCrunch Equity Podcast with Maha and Hrach: Dropbox’s capital appetite and average revenue per dog

TechCrunch: Gaming company Kabam’s roller coaster ride to an $800M exit

STAT: Biotech dreams of drugging the “undruggable”

BioTech Nation: Women in biotech venture capital

Tim Shannon in STAT: What Trump gets wrong about drug companies

TechCrunch: Zugata raises $7 million to make annual performance reviews obsolete

WSJ: Venture capital prowls into the life insurance business

SaaSQ: Building a $4B company in Silicon Valley as an outsider

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure

FinTech Central: Bitcoin is not “closing”! And other misconceptions debunked.

Elephant hunting in the HR software jungle


Growth Marketing: A conversation with Will Young

Cigna collaborates with Annum Health to introduce a digital health solution to help people reduce alcohol consumption

Nina Kjellson: Why I'm excited to help reinvent treatment for heavy drinking

FinTech Central: Working with the regulator

Tim Shannon: Durable bonds and the birth of Vivace Therapeutics

Steve Bloch: Breaking down barriers in genomic medicine

Brendan Dickinson: Complex logistics – a conversation with Seth Goldman, former CEO of HelloFresh USA

FinTech Central: The 2nd wave of fintech

SaaSQ: How to build a billion-dollar company that delivers happiness

Rayfe Gaspar-Asaoka: How to cut through the AI hype

Colleen Cuffaro: Arrakis Therapeutics: Redefining the druggable target

Joydeep Bhattacharyya: Five things every immigrant entrepreneur should do

Deepak Kamra: Capella Space: Getting the full picture

Why I led Ladder’s Series A

Insurance is the next frontier for fintech

We met the dynamic duo. (And they weren’t wearing capes.)

Chats + AI: Changing the face of CRM