Nina Kjellson

General Partner / West Coast

Since 2015

Nina Kjellson invests in biopharma and digital health companies that serve unmet therapeutic and access needs. As a leader of Canaan’s Women of Venture program, Nina is a vocal advocate for women entrepreneurs and investors. She serves as a mentor to Blueprint Health and Springboard Life Sciences and on the boards of Essential Access Health, the California Leadership Council for The Nature Conservancy and the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center. Nina is also a 2018 Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow. Previously, Nina was a General Partner at Interwest Partners. She holds a B.A. in human biology from Stanford University.

Nina in 5

Origins: Born in Scandinavia

Travel: Have a major case of wanderlust (with a passport to prove it)

Sport: Love being outdoors & deep in nature

Interests: A good book (or Ripple by the Grateful Dead) can turn any day around

Family: Nothing beats time spent with my family & friends



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Nina in 5

Origins: Born in Scandinavia

Travel: Have a major case of wanderlust (with a passport to prove it)

Sport: Love being outdoors & deep in nature

Interests: A good book (or Ripple by the Grateful Dead) can turn any day around

Family: Nothing beats time spent with my family & friends