Nina Kjellson

General Partner / West Coast

Since 2015

Nina Kjellson invests in biopharma companies that serve unmet therapeutic needs. As a leader of Canaan’s Women of Venture program, Nina is a vocal advocate for women entrepreneurs and investors. She Co-Chairs Life Science Cares Bay Area and serves on the boards of Girl Effect and the Oliver Wyman Health Innovation Center. Nina is also a 2018 Aspen Institute Health Innovators Fellow. Previously, Nina was a General Partner at InterWest Partners. She holds a B.A. in human biology from Stanford University.

Nina in 5

Origins: Born in Scandinavia

Travel: Have a major case of wanderlust (with a passport to prove it)

Sport: Love being outdoors & deep in nature

Interests: A good book (or Ripple by the Grateful Dead) can turn any day around

Family: Nothing beats time spent with my family & friends



  • IntrepidiaBio
  • Tizona Therapeutics
  • Trishula Therapeutics
  • Tyra
    IPO (TYRA)
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    Nina in 5

    Origins: Born in Scandinavia

    Travel: Have a major case of wanderlust (with a passport to prove it)

    Sport: Love being outdoors & deep in nature

    Interests: A good book (or Ripple by the Grateful Dead) can turn any day around

    Family: Nothing beats time spent with my family & friends